Edelie Rose Quartz Green Peridot Collar Necklace

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Edelie Rose Quartz Green Peridot Collar Necklace is designed with Rose Quartz spaced with Green Peridot. Hand strung in our melbourne atelier and all components as well as clasp are in stainless steel. 

The gentle, soothing hue of Rose Quartz intertwines gracefully with the fresh, lively tones of green peridot, creating a symphony of colors that dances delicately around your neckline. Each stone meticulously chosen and expertly crafted to celebrate the union of tranquility and vitality, making this necklace a radiant expression of natural beauty and sophistication. 

This Aethera collection is inspired by ancient royal court jewellery. Whether you prefer a shorter, chic style or a longer, more dramatic look, our options cater to your desires. Available in 40cm and 50cm in length. 


Details and Care:

Bead stones are between 4mm - 10mm. Due to the nature of the stones, slight difference of colouration and sizes are to be expected.